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Working on a concept video or presentation? You might need this quick deal | Hip Hop International | United Kingdom - UK's Premier Street Dance Competition

This is just a quickee. Literally. It will take you about 1 minute to read.

So sometimes you need something done. It is time consuming AND frustrating, like creating video intro’s and transistion. Thats why I LOVE Nigel. This guys is SERIOUSLY awesome. Granted what i need is not typically life changing but the time it saves me…

Check our these video intros. They are simple, slick and professional. These are short 3-5 second intro videos which anyone can make good use of as branding if they have logos or brand names ready:



For real, If you are looking for quick and simple and INEXPENSIVE video intros Wow. I genuinely love this guy, his speed and his service. And if you use Nigel, tell him Omar sent you.


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