Yes! I want to enter the Whacking battles!

Exciting Announcement…

On behalf of Hip Hop International, we are excited to inform you that after extensive review, HHI has updated and amended the Official HHI Rules and Regulations Manual https://www.hiphopinternational.co.uk/rules/

Whacking (waacking) is BACK!

Yes, whacking battles were so successful that they are returning as a World Battle event joining locking, popping, breaking and all styles.

Plus: MegaCrew Division Changes

The number of crewmembers for the MegaCrew division has been expanded to 10-40 crewmembers. HHI is making this change for crews greater than 9 but less than 15 who were otherwise unable to compete.
We are very excited to announce these changes and others as part of our World Leading event.
For more details check out our rules and look for additional updates in the future.
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