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COVID 19 Tier 3/4 restrictions


Thanks for your interest in participating in the UK Hip Hop Dance Championships Online Edition.

As you know idance® remains committed to doing all that we can to support the dance community in growing and developing in a safe and effective way.


In supporting the community, we made a decision to host an online dance competition like no other! 

Our February 13 competition was to ensure those who wish to continue to participate in a national championship and, hopefully, qualify for the World Hip Hop Dance Championship in America retained that access, and have the event early enough in the season to compete, fundraise effectively, and keep themselves, their family and friends safe in the lead up to the Worlds.


As a result of the latest information from the government. We now understand that 2/3 of the country are now under tier 3 or higher restrictions.


Tier 3 restrictions still permit some businesses to remain open, but in terms of dance, it restricts the ability of adult participants to meet face-to-face for lessons, rehearsals, or competitions. Tier 4 is a stay at home order and forbids all but essential travel. 

As such, this negatively impacts all levels of competition as all but the most participants will not be able to rehearse effectively. Logically, to us, it makes sense to reconsider our February 13 competition date. 

We understand that other events still plan to run, however, we wish to keep our participants safe and we don’t want the dancers to put themselves or their families at risk. Consequently, we have made the decision to reschedule our event to April 3, 2021, depending on conditions at that time.


The deadline for submitting your videos will be moved to March 21, and that should give plenty of time for participants to reconvene after the restrictions are lifted and post the best competition videos they can.


If you have already finished your video, you can still submit it now, or you may wait.


We hope all is clear.

This is a challenging time for all of us. On behalf of  Idance® and HIP HOP INTERNATIONAL UK team, be well, stay safe, and Happy Holidays to you all!!


Omar Paloma and the idance®/HHI team.

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