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The UK HHDC NewComer National Championship!

*New* for 2023!!

The UK HHDC National NewComer Street Dance Championship* is the perfect opportunity for up-and-coming street dance crews, who don’t feel ready for the World Qualifier, to gain national recognition and put their skills on display.

This competition is THE stepping stone for all newcomers on their journey to greatness, showcasing their budding talents and pushing to hone the ability needed to one day be an HHI UK Champion while competing with other incredible newcomers and witnessing the World Championship Qualifiers’ feats of jaw-dropping awesomeness!

Categories include crews (5-9 dancers) in the following age divisions

– Juniors 7-12 years old,
– Varsity 13-17 years old,
– Adults 18+ years old

The UK Hip Hop Dance Championship is happy to welcome new crews. Newcomers are not required to enter the newcomer championship and may elect to go straight to the World Qualifier.

If you are looking to attend the World Hip Hop Dance Championships, Crews are the Way to go!


We also have a Crew category  that qualifies crews for the World Hip Hop Dance Championship in America too!

The UK Hip Hop Dance Championship’s two-day event schedule includes the UK’s top street dancers who will represent their countries in the UK Battles; Breaking, Locking and All Styles. We also have the 5×5 crew battles and our popular, crazy 3×3 TRASH! battle that pits dancers against each other AND an insane DJ.

Above all, dancers meet others from around the UK equally passionate about hip hop culture and street dance.

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