The following is the schedule for the British Championships 2016

Note: due to run time considerations the schedule is subject to change events may start earlier or later than planned


Saturday, February 27, 2016

10:30 -11:30 Crew Check-in Must have extra copy of music. ONLY CREW LEADERS NO DANCERS

12:00 unFORMAT and Kids Teams

12:15 Junior, Varsity and Adult, Mega Crew and Teams, Prelims

  • Junior Crews
  • Varsity Crews
  • Adult Crews
  • MegaCrews
  • Beginner Teams
  • Intermediate Teams

15:00 Solos and Battles Final order to be determined by number of participants

  • Beginner Solos
  • Advance Solos
  • Hip Hop 1 v 1
  • Locking Battles
  • Popping Battles
  • AllStyles 2v2
  • 20:00 Evening Jam

2100(ish) End


Sunday 28 February

10:15 Doors Open

10:30 Workshop 1

11:35 Workshop 2

12:40 Workshop 3

13:00 Crew Check-in

1400 National Finals Commence

1800 Awards

1830 End

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