Effective Immediately

Please be advised of the following modifications to the Hip Hop International Official Rules and Regulations.

Composition of a Crew

NEW!! – Crews of 5 to 9 crewmembers

A crew may now consist of a minimum of 5 crewmembers to a maximum of 9 crewmembers.

This is a significant change as the average UK crew has 9 members.

Deleted from the List of Deductions:

MUSIC – No inclusion of continuous uninterrupted music segment .15

A crew is still expected to include a segment of continuous music, uninterrupted by edits or sound effects, within their routine to obtain the highest possible score from the judges. However, there is no deduction for its absence.

Pre-Event – Entry Changes, Additions, Substitutions (page 3)

For circumstances beyond the control of the crewmember(s), including situations effecting defending champions, substitutions of the original members in the crew may be made. A maximum of 2 substitutions will be permitted for crews consisting of 5 to 6 crewmembers and a maximum of 3 substitutions for crews comprised of 7 to 9 crewmembers. A crew may also elect not to substitute its missing crewmember(s) as long as the crew does not go below five (5) members. The event organizer and/or the competition judiciary director must be notified and approve of the changes. A crew may increase in size by adding more crewmembers if done so prior to the registration deadline and provided the crew does not exceed nine (9) crewmembers. The national HHI office/director must be notified of the change.


During Event – Entry Changes, Additions, Substitutions (page 3)

Crewmember substitutions or additions due to reasons beyond the control of the crewmember(s) once a competition event has begun are not permitted except for reasonable and justifiable cause. A substitution/addition of a member(s) within the crew may not be made without prior notice given and an approval received by the technical director, head judge and/or championship organizer. An additional registration fee will be required for each substitution/addition permitted.

Crewmember Suspension/Disqualification (page 3)

Falsification of personal information and/or of national eligibility documents by a crew, crewmember or representative resulting in ineligibility or the substitution/addition of a crewmember(s) without approval is subject to disqualification, suspension and/or other severe penalties deemed necessary by HHI


Full rules with 2017 amendments will be updated at www.hiphopinternational.co.uk/rules soon.

Official rules can be found on the World Championships site