Welcome to the 2021 UK Hip Hop Dance Championships – Online Edition

idance® is the premier dance event in the UK.

It is a multi-day, live event featuring the best and showcasing the most technical and impressive dancers from all areas of the United Kingdom, in a breathtaking and exciting face-off to see who will be national champions, join our ‘Winners Tour’ and have the honour of representing the United Kingdom at the World Hip Hop Championships in America.

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We are united under the concept “ONE Country, ONE Team”

Video Submission – Bring the whole School!​

To ensure you, as a participant or spectator are as safe as possible, crew participation will be by video submission!


This means:

  • You can submit your very best performance without fear of freezes or drop outs
  • Your music quality will be unaffected
  • No worries about m
  • No travel expenses
  • No hotel expenses
  • No additional health related risks associated with mass gatherings
  • No risk of cancellation*
  • Lower cost – you can include your entire school including your beginner, intermediate and parents crews because you film when you want and where you want.

COVID-19 and Dancer Safety

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the entire world, idance® along with HHI have decided to make this year’s event VIRTUAL.

So you can participate and watch the event more safely. We believe it’s the right thing to do.

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COVID-19 Special Rules
Special rules and concessions have been made to insure dancer safety for the 2021 UK Championship, covering the video submission process,

Social Distancing

Crew formations are often performance element that allows crews to put their unique stamp on their performance however Social distancing among the dancers during the performance with multiple dancers is not likely.

In an effort to accommodate government mandates for social distancing the sensible solution is to restrict direct dancer partnering or the propeling of a dancer in a routine. Any form of body contact that seems intentional and rehearsed among crew members and used in the routine is prohibited and subject to penalty deductions.


Your event the way it should be

All the action, all the fun, all the thrills of our competition delivered to you state of the art, including:

  • Commentary and analysis
  • Proper Judging without the fear of video skipping
  • Higher quality production so you can enjoy the full event

and of course

  • The opportunity to represent the UK at the World Hip Hop Dance Championship in America.



Up to

30 Crews

Per Division


Expanded Qualifying in 2021

For 2021 ONLY, up to 6 (six) crews in each age division qualify for the World Hip Hop Dance Championships! That’s the 2020 winners PLUS the 2021 Winners who could represent the UK at the Worlds. Your chance of qualifying will never be better.


UK Battle 2021

Battles give individual freestyle dancers to display their skills in the ultimate face-off.

That’s why we are modifying our 2021 battle format to ensure that each dancer has the opportunity to show their best – without the distraction of judges looking at a million windowed dancers, screen freezes, audio dropouts, etc.

While a face-to-face battle is always the standard, our virtual format lets you show your best stuff, your way.

Battles include, Popping, Locking, All-styles, Whacking, Bboy, Hip Hop, and more.

Click here to check out the revised rules for details.


Additional Categories

And the following additional categories, Subject to participation, are available for you:

  • Beginners Teams
  • Intermediate Teams
  • Parents Teams
  • unFORMAT

Suggest a Category!

Don’t see your favourite category? Suggest one. Send us an email and if there’s enough interest and it fits, we will include it!