Why do you feel HHI is important?

I feel HHI is important as it allows indivduals a opportunity to be part of a competition that has judges who are accredited and recognised and has a truth within Hip Hop culture.

As technical coordinator what do you want to do to be helpful to entrants?

I want to ensure that all participants experience a smooth transition through the day from tech in the space to performing their choreography and leaving at the end of the day and ensuring this experience is a pleasent one.

What’s your favorite animal Favorite colour?

Favourite animal is Lion and favourite colour is Purple

Who are your heroes?

My heroes are the people in my life who have taught me essential life skills and inspired me within dance and choreography

What obstacles have you had to overcome in your life and how did you do it?

Within my life there have been situations which may have not always gone the way I would have liked them to which has in turn encouraged me to persevere and find alternative solutions to problems.

If you had to name your life philosophy in one sentence, what would that sentence be?

I look to continually push myself as a individual both mentally an physically looking to become the best version of myself possible enjoying life to the fullest

What book(s) have gifted to others the most and why? (if you haven’t gifted a book what book WOULD you gift?

If I was to write a book it would be about ensuing that you make the most of life pursuing your goals and ensuring that you ‘ Live your life as opposed to simply existing’

What is your main goal for the Hip Hop Champs?

I main goal within hip hop champs is to working with the Director to deliver excellent competitions which take place throughout the UK. I would like to Build with Hip Hop International where I could make it a full time position.