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opportunity and value

Here’s a question I was asked on Facebook today:

Q: My daughter is [under 13]. [She was told] she can go in both Varsity and Junior Crewe [sic], is this right?

A: Depending on how the teams/crews are formed (meaning ages etc) your daughter is in the GOLD participation situation.

[A dancer 12-year-old or younger] can participate in a:

  • Junior Crew
  • Varsity Crew
  • Adult Crew
  • MegaCrew
  • Mini Crew
  • Beginner or Intermediate Team
  • unFORMAT
  • Popping
  • Locking
  • Whacking
  • All styles 2v2
  • TRASH! 3×3 Battle
  • Crew 5×5 Battle

…And that’s not all.

Opportunity and Value

Our event isn’t for everyone. But for those looking for best opportunity and value, nothing else compares. Now trios and Whackers qualify for the worlds PLUS MegaCrews now go from 10-40 dancers… wow, wow, wow.

Pssst… If you are unlucky enough to be over 8 years old, don’t despair. You can still participate in up to 11 of our of 13 categories...

All in the same weekend!

No other dance competition in the UK offers so much opportunity and value.

Happy Dancing!