<h1>Hip Hop International Dance Championship Rules and Regulations</h1>


<p>The Hip Hop International Rules & Regulations contain the requirements for participating in Hip Hop Dance Championships hosted by Hip Hop International (HHI) around the world. HHI events provide dancers the chance to showcase hip hop dance styles in a competitive format for titles and exposure. Creativity, showmanship and artistic freedom are encouraged within the parameters of good taste, integrity and safety.</p>

<p>Hip hop dance continues to evolve with each new generation of dancers, and HHI aims to stay current on trends while upholding the dance form’s roots and origins. The highest scoring routines according to HHI feature a variety of styles, signature moves, stage use, formations, engaging music and nonstop choreography without excessive gymnastics or dangerous moves.</p>

<h2>Entry Criteria and Eligibility</h2>

<li>Dancers must provide proof of age and citizenship/residency in the country they represent.</li>
<li>Crew sizes range from 3 members (MiniCrew) up to 5-9 members (Crews) and 10-40 members (MegaCrew).</li>
<li>There are Junior (7-12 years), Varsity (13-17 years) and Adult (18+ years) divisions.</li>
<li>All forms, waivers and fees must be submitted prior to competing.</li>
<li>Participants cannot represent multiple countries within 3 years.</li>

<h2>Performance Rules</h2>

<li>Crews must stay on stage throughout the routine. No entrances/exits.</li>
<li>MegaCrews must have all members on stage for 30 seconds at start and end.</li>
<li>Lewd gestures, improper language and dangerous moves can warrant deductions.</li>
<li>Falls and false starts can result in point deductions.</li>

<h2>Judging Criteria</h2>

<p>Routines are scored out of 10 points total based on:</p>

<li><strong>Performance (5 points)</strong> – Creativity, staging, showmanship, style presence, audience appeal</li>
<li><strong>Skill (5 points)</strong> – Musicality, synchronization, execution, difficulty, variety of dance styles</li>

<p>A panel of 6+ judges evaluate these criteria. Deductions are made for rule violations.</p>

<h2>Additional Rules</h2>

<li>Time limits: 1:25-1:35 (Junior/MiniCrew), 1:55-2:05 (Varsity/Adult), 3:00-4:00 (MegaCrew)</li>
<li>Props are restricted except for MegaCrews.</li>
<li>Scoring is based only on the final round. Ties are broken by performance score then skill score.</li>
<li>The top 3 crews in each division earn awards.</li>

<p>The manual provides further details on qualifications, judging, deductions, music, scoring procedures and other rules. Reach out with any other questions!</p>