Network Partner Resource Page

Welcome to the UKHHDC Partner Center from idance®

Welcome to Network Partnership program for the UK Hip Hop Dance Championships (UKHHDC).  This is your Network Partner Center. Here you will find email templates, copy, reports, and etc. Feel free to reach out to Omar  if you have any questions.

Quick Breakdown of sections:

On the top the affiliates page you will see multiple links for this resource center. Here is a quick overview of each link.

Resource Section

  • Affiliate URLs– Place to find/create links for all email, social media & etc
  • Statistics  – Stats on your referral performance
  • Referrals – Completed Referral information
  • Visits – Stats on the number of visits using your unique URL
  • Creatives – Banners – All social media, site, and other banners
  • Log out
  •    – Email Templates – Find SWIPE files and emails – coming soon
  •    – Resource Pages – Quick place to find additional training, faqs and more 

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