Nation’s Best Dance School


new_yellowbackround UK’s Best Dance School Award

We are very excited to announce brand new UK Best Dance School Award which will be granted to the most active, talented, successful dance studio in Great Brittan based on owned scores for participation, number of people participating, competition results etc.

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We’ve established this Award because very often just crew members and dancers are recognized and appreciated, but the people who helped dancers to achieve success (dance teachers, choreographers, dance schools, dance companies) stays in the shadow.

To prepare for completion not just one, but several crews and battlers is a very hard work. And we want that people would recognize which dance studio, dance teacher, dance company works the hardest with the best results.

In 2015 the score system for UK Best Dance School Award will be following:

1 point for each Dance School member participating in the UKHHDC

Additional points for dancers placing in the top 5 (multiply of the dancers in the crew or team placing by the points according to the following scale)

1st place – number of crew members multiplied by 5

2nd place – number of crew members multiplied by 4

3rd place – number of crew members multiplied by 3

4th place – number of crew members multiplied by 2

5th place – number of crew members multiplied by 1

10 additional points for battle winner, 7 additional points for 2nd place battler and 3 points for any battlers who get thru preselection.

EXAMPLE: Dance Studio X registers 8 people in Junior Crew Section place 4th, 14 people in UnFormat category who place 2nd and 3 battlers who manage to go thru pre-selection but don’t place; Studio X Dance will earn:

8 + 14 + 3 + (8 x 4) + (14 x 4) + (3 x 3) = 122 points toward the UK’s Best School

If no other school or group earns more points, than Studio X, the Studio X will become the first ever winner of the UK’s Best Dance School – Street Dance in UK 2015, will have national bragging rights AND the coveted Best Dance School Trophy to be Unveiled soon.

Please note: Additional points for will be awarded for World Championship qualifiers in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the Junior, Varsity, Adults and MegaCrews

In 2016 UK Best Dance School Award will be granted based on participation and results in Regional events that are scheduled on 2015-2016 after UKHHDC 18-19 April, 2015. + additional points Awarded for World Championship placement.