On behalf of Hip Hop International, we are excited to inform you that after extensive review HHI is also adding a new MiniCrew division in addition to expanding the number of participants in a MegaCrew to 10-40 crewmembers.

Events take place in the UK February 15-17, 2019 at the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth. Dancers do not have to be present for all three days. See website for details.

The New MiniCrew Division

Hip Hop International is excited to announce the new MiniCrew division.

The Mini Crew a modern version of trios and will debut globally including Hip Hop International UK and World Hip Hop Dance Championships!

A MiniCrew consists of three dancers of all ages.

A MiniCrew routine is 1 minute 30 seconds and uses the same scoring criteria as crews of 5-9 crewmembers.

With its smaller number of crewmembers, the MiniCrew division will allow even more dancers and studios to compete for the first time.

Changes to the Rules

The online rules will be updated as soon as possible. To receive notice on when the rules are updated please complete the request form below. You'll be updated as soon as the new rules are updated on our website.


Other Divisions

In addition to the new MiniCrew division we offer:

  • Junior Crews
  • Varsity Crews
  • Adult Crews
  • MegaCrews


  • unFORMAT (for any style of dance)
  • Premium Edition (parents Crews)

Plus Battles:

  • new Whacking
  • Popping
  • Locking
  • All Styles
  • Hip Hop
  • TRASH! Battles
  • 5 x 5 Crew Battles

To enter visit www.hiphopinternational.co.uk/events