I am not a god. I have never created life…but I have lived. That is enough. So I will fight to preserve that same opportunity — to love, to dream, to soar among the stars — for all those yet to come. Many lives will be lost in the battle ahead — but their efforts will ensure that some remain to remember their deeds. And, like the gods, they will truly live forever…even after they are gone.

I am the Silver Surfer.

I was sitting down with my one of my close friends and we were talking about what Marvel Characters we liked as kids… well I was.

My friend is not a Marvel fan. He was annoyed by so many of the Marvel characters bickering with each other rather than focusing on the real problems. I thought the bickering was funny.

He is more a fan of DC Comics… but that’s a tangent.

Norrin_RaddSo Norrin Radd was was a deep intellectual from a troubled family who’s planet was viewed as UTOPIA.

Norrin sacrificed himself to save his planet from Galactus, the consumer of planets, by agreeing to become his herald.

He met a blind woman, when he came to earth who could not see his body but could sense his heart.

Becoming in touch with his own inner self Norrin, now the Silver Surfer turned on the evil Galactus (who was secretly using mind control on him) and saved planet earth. There is much much more, but this dude was DEEP!

It’s about who you are inside. That’s the big takeaway.

It’s fascinating what our heroes reveal about who we are or who we want to be.

When I look into the future (and back to the past) I am reminded about why I created idance® and the UK Hip Hop Dance Championships – To protect street dance from those who seek only to exploit it… Yeah, I know. I know. Corny hero syndrome. But it’s true. I created this organisation to help those on the fringe.

Of course, times have changed and we are changing too, but, well anyway that’s how I got started.


Nowadays I’m a little more ‘Iron Man’ 🙂

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