How To Enter Our Street Dance Events

Entering follows a simple three-step process

First Step

Complete your registration forms. Once registered for the street dance competition you'll be given a link to the registration forms to register your Street Dancers for their categories.

Next Step

Complete any additional entry forms. Most of our events are all-inclusive, meaning register once and enter as many street dance categories as you are eligible for - no additional charge.

Final Step

Complete your UKSDA membership (FREE) and keep your eyes open for any new information leading up to the day of the event. Remember our entries team will be with you the entire time to walk you through the process.

On the day of the event, collect your entry packs with wristbands and enjoy the event!

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Omar, Thank you for another great HHI UK championships!

Stephen Tucker

I don’t come to dance events to get wound up I come to be inspired… I love the friendly atmosphere at idance, every year I’ve come when we go on stage the crew coming off says good luck, and crews waiting congratulate you on your performance… at other competitions, there is so much hostility… it’s just dancing… it’s nice when you can go on stage and compete fiercely then come offstage and just be friends with everyone.

Rikki Doughty

Film Maker/Dancer

I’m back home after another fantastic experience with Lil sugars - it was our 3rd time to attend Hip hop international, such a fantastic event the competition is such a high standard and to share the stage with the worlds finest , over 50 countries attended over 4000 plus dancers. We didn’t beat our TDM personal best of 8th but achieved our highest result for Lil sugars , placing 15th out of over 50 teams , the teams are insane it’s such an inspiration to our dancers .

Thank you Omar Paloma for all your help and guidance the event is like the Olympics of dance - our dancers loved every second of being involved as part of team uk.

Terry Michael

Owner , TDM Stage School