How To Enter

Entering follows a simple three step process

First Step

Complete your entry forms. Once registered you'll be given a link to the online registration forms to register dancers in each category they will participate in.

Next Step

Register your dancers. Registration requires signing up your dancers and paying for your entry. The most popular ticket is the all inclusive package giving dancers access to every part of the event.


Final Step

On and leading up to the day of the event, keep your eyes open for any new information. Remember our entries team will be with you the entire time to walk you through the process.

On the day of the event, collect your entry packs with wristbands and enjoy the event!

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The best example of how a competition should be!

Omar Awuah – IMD

Director of IMD

Hey, Omar. I hope you're well! Thank you for a great time last weekend, we thoroughly enjoyed the competition ?

Katharine Partner

Owner, Rock The Dragon

Do it! lol. It's the best experience!

Tashan Muir

Director , Unity UK

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