It is such a beautiful thing to be saying…


I want to share my praise again for the Team UK and the beautiful family atmosphere they shared this summer, at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships, in America.

They proved that there is no “I” in TEAM.

2017 has, undeniably, been the best year ever for team UK. Not only did we have the highest number of crews ever make it to the semis AND Ruff Diamond in the Final we also had the highest level of “all team love” and the largest ever TEAM UK Live audience in America (and they were fire) than we’ve ever had.

I feel such a tremendous sense of pride seeing the growth after 13 years. It’s difficult to thank everyone in a newsletter. Just know that EVERY SINGLE  danccrew leaderader, choreographer, and fan deserves praise for this amazing year.

Special thanks to Omar Awuah and Tashan Muir. You both are two pillars of fire who both inspire, motivate and support the entire team when you are there.

Props to Zac Healy and the Ruff Diamond crew for so many memorable moments over the years. It is wonderful to see how you keep growing every single year. You have earned the respect of crews worldwide with your willingness to take risks in order to crew stimulate and excite. Your Instagram Takeover was EPIC and really enjoyable. I also personally thank you, Zac, for sending me my first ever on stage shoutout at the World Championships. I really appreciate that you recognise that I work hard and give ALL that I can to the UK’s dancers. Thank You.

I big thank you and well done to GDND and the Statement/IMD collabo. It was an honour to watch you, GDND overcome the ghosts of last year and do significantly better overall. Statement/IMD, this is working! You just might be creating a new path for UK crews to learn to work more together.

Also, well done Lee Murray and all the other UK Dancers your kids have extremely well and I hope to see you grow and develop even more!

I also want to thank my team, Matthew, Amanda, Kornelia, Maria and all the volunteers from Portsmouth. I couldn’t have done it without you.

To everyone, 2018 looks to be a very exciting year in the making.

The UK Hip Hop Dance Championships are growing again and we a number of brand new crews are taking their first steps to becoming true National, and hopefully, World Champions!

If you haven’t been or haven’t been in while, join us

As a competitor

Or as a Spectator

For now, I wish you all a warm, successful and amazing, Happy New Year!

Omar Paloma

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