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You know that old story, why put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Well the truth is we are all human (and street dancers – wink).  We’ll put it off until the last possible second. Or even worse. I’ll do it when I get a round to it. Well, today’s the day!


roundtoitWhen you get around to it

Seriously, we know how busy you are and we know how the holidays put on the squeeze so we going to help you out.

With the holidays just around the corner this is both a perfect stocking stuffer and a great fit for your holiday budget. The last time we did something crazy like this we crashed the website… no really we did. I had to upgrade to a new server.


So here’s what we are happy to do

To Take 40% – 50% off your Birmingham Hip Hop Dance entry fee with this promo code Go to go to step 2 and enter the code below:


But you will need to hurry. The clock is ticking on this 48 hour opportunity, and it will be the lowest price we offer. Once it’s gone it’s gone. Done. Finito,


“It’s a freaking good deal” I know you recognise a deal when you see one so don’t put it off. Do your heart a favour and book it right now.


But we’re going to make you and even better deal

To make your life even easier, if you register now, instead of paying £15 today (not including advance entry or promo discounts) we will reserve your place at London and Birmingham for just £1 each, with the balance due around January 5th.

That’s right. Just £1 will guarantee your space. Just Click the link to get startedhand-point-left-2 

And on top of that, if you change your mind you can cancel anytime before January 5th and you won’t owe a penny more!

It’s as easy as


So take your Round Tuit and let’s get going. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.