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Cheaper Travel Can Be Found


After 15 years of traveling to the states for the World's I have definitely got some tips to share, plus I've picked up a few from all of you too.

While many things can inflate the cost of a trip, the single biggest expense I've found, per person is flight tickets.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking. Please comment and share some of your own, too!

For anyone who hasn't purchased flight tickets, taking action. It looks like flights from London are increasing in price.

GOOD NEWS! There are still deals to be had.

The CHEAPEST time to fly from London to Phoenix is July 12 – 21st (for anyone lucky enough to have a long holiday.

The next best alternative according to Hopper – is to try to fly between July 31st and August 3rd.

If you plan ahead you can save nearly 30% by flying via Dublin… yeah. That much!

Or for ultimate flexibility, fly london to LAX and rent a car.

A 15 seat minivan from August 1-12 can be hired for £1500 with unlimited mileage from (not an endorsement and there may be better deals out there.) That's £100pp and prices to LA will be less expensive from £560 Vs phoenix £706 with a TWENTY-SIX HOUR Journey (Average is about £1100 with a 14 hour journey).

So that's it!

Next time I'll share tips on accommodation.