I don't always get a chance to talk about the cool stories I hear so I am glad to share this one.

One of the biggest things I hear, repeatedly, is "we're not ready".

The thing is, you only get ready by getting going.

Read on….


Tashan Muir – Unity UK and idance® Nation's Best Dance School 'Street Dance' Award Winner

"This time last year I decided to start an extension of Unity UK on the small island of Jersey with the aim of providing the young people with training and opportunities to perform and compete in mainland UK and internationally. 2 weeks ago, we did it!!!! I took 20+ dancers from Unity Jersey to Switzerland to compete! Even though they are beginners, I entered them into an open (advanced) category and they placed 2nd!!! The hard work paid off as these lil kids work soooo hard! Thank you to all the parents for the continued support and to Emma and Sian for helping out when I couldn’t be there x SUPER PROUD OF ALL OF YOU AND I CANNOT WAIT TO START BACK IN 2019!!! UNITY JERSEY ?" – Tashan Muir

Fundamentally, this story is about taking action.

Results come when you just 'Take Action'. Now enter the UK Hip Hop Dance Championships – We even have a beginners section. Ok, Tashan!?! ha ha

"Do it, lol! It's the best experience" Tashan Muir

If anyone else has a cool story. Especially related the the UK or World Hip Hop Dance Championships, send them to me.