This is IT! We know that when you say World Hip Hop Dance Champions, you mean this:

The UK Hip Hop Dance Championships is the only way to get there. This year, the competition has been blown wide open. The new rules have levelled the playing field. Anyone can win. Join us April 4th and  April 5 at Queen Mary College for your chance to win big.

The Idance UK Hip Hop Crew Championships is THE premier dance event – a two day live event featuring the best and showcasing the most impressive dancers from all areas of the United Kingdom in a breathtaking and exciting face-off to see who will have the honour of representing the United Kingdom at the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Idance UK Hip Hop Crew Championships is a family oriented dance event that draws its participants and audience from all areas of the United Kingdom. The audience are treated to amazing dance sequences, awe-inspiring tricks and a stimulating hip hop soundtrack.

Top National and International judges including Grammy and Living Legend of Hip Hop Award Winning Artist Toni Basil (best known for her hit single Mickey) will be on hand to witness the action.

Top Crews including winners on Britains Got Talent, Got to Dance, and Aleshas Street Dance Stars including: Flawless, two time UK and World Champions Plague, Ruff Diamond, Kazzum, Enkrypt Kids, Poison, Peridot, Notorious, Kayzar, Jukebox and more have all appeared!

Our goal is to find the UK’s best established,  up-and-coming crews,  and individual dancers and give them the chance to represent their country.  idance® an organisation run by dancers for dancers is bringing back last years challenge offering crews and individual dancers from ANY street dance competition the opportunity to gain free entry to the UK Hip Hop Dance Championships. You can earn the right to represent the UK at the real world championships and street dance showdown, the World Hip Hop Dance Championships in Las Vegas

By your success and your creativity you’ve already proven that you’re good. We are giving you the opportunity to prove you are great. To see if you qualify for free entry call 01923 606 255, today (the final deadline is March 20 to get guaranteed entry).

What if my crew isn’t ready?

You already know about the Jukebox family, but it’s such a great story, let’s remind you in brief. You see, when we first met Jukebox, no one really knew them. They were a bunch of cute kids from Wales in white trackies with swagger. Not long after that the juniors were receiving their World Championship bronze Medals from none other than MC Hammer. Of course the quality of the competition and competitors is important and we think there are many great events in the UK. That’s why we want crews like you to enter The UK Hip Hop Dance Championships and represent our country in Las Vegas. As you may have guessed, Jukebox learned that the secret to winning is going up against great competitors.

I understand but is there a Newcomers Division? 

Some world championship crews put together their set in just 7 days, however we understand your concerns, so to help make sure you are on track for future wins, this year we’ve created the  Open Division Championships (non-qualifying rounds) and the Newcomers Division. Entry fees are just £15/competitor and includes entry  as a spectator as well. See categories below:

Competition Categories



World Championship Qualifiers  (Crews)

  • Junior Division (7-12yrs, 5-8 members)
  • Varsity Division (13-17yrs, 5-8 members)
  • Adults Division (18+ yrs, 5-8 members)
  • Megacrew Division (no age limitations, 15-40 members)


Non Qualifying OPEN CREWS/Newcomers

>Open minimum – 5 maximum of 40 dancers per crew).

Newcomers crews Age Divisions

  • Minis under12
  • JuniorVarsity under 14
  • NewVarsity Under 16
  • Young Adults under 18
  • New Adults 18+



  • Popping 1 vs 1
  • Locking 1vs 1
  • All Styles 2 vs 2

BGT and Got to Dance?

Is there any thing if I place 2nd or third or were on that TV Show? Yes.

1st, 2nd, 3rd or on a TV Show. Depending on the event there are opportunities for everyone. Just call 01923 606 255.

Ready to Represent in America?


You can register now! The participants of the  National Qualifier on Saturday April 5, can win over £5000 in and prizes including  four days of 5 star accommodation for your crew (Junior, Varsity and Adult Division only) at the Red Rock Resort Hotel, Las Vegas.


So you can easily see you have nothing to lose. Sign up today

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