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Dominate all Competitions. Learn to Judge. Become an expert on the rules!

This two-day workshop, presented by HHI’s Rules and Regulations Workshop Leader & World Elite Judge Maria Budolak, is available for all judges, choreographers, coaches, dancers, and spectators.

In this course, you’ll discover

  • How to look at a routine from the judges’ point of view
  • The top tips to maximise your total score, and
  • You’ll discover about what I call our ‘Cheater Defeater’ Technologies… our combination of software and science to ensure bias is virtually eliminated EVEN IF a Judge choreographed  YOUR COMPETITOR’S routine (but we do our best to avoid that too).
  • How to maximise your technical score
  • How to minimise penalties
  • How to protect your performance in the event of a technical error
  • What to do in the event of an injury
  • The top mistakes people make when costuming
  • and much, much more!

The Official HHI Rules & Regulations Course explains, informs, and demonstrates the HHI Rules & Regulations.

It includes:

  • An explanation of the Hip Hop International rules and requirements for competition,
  • The detail on how to include hip hop/street dance styles,
  • Reviews and analyses of championship videos and
  • Receive the Official HHI Course competition certificate, your first step on the way to a career judging HHI events
  • Access to the certification exam and opportunity to become a certified national judge
  • Discover the path to become an international judge and travel the world
  • Time for questions and answers.

If you are serious about competing or wanting to be a trained Judge for future HHI competitions, you MUST participate in this one-of-a-kind workshop experience.

All participants are eligible to receive an HHI International Rules & Regulations Certificate and sit the official exam to become a National Judge. Some participants may even be invited to sit on this year’s panel as a judge or shadow judge.

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Money-back Guarantee

If you’re not blown away by the content of the course by the end of day one, message us for a full refund.

Event Organiser


  • Maria Budolak
    Maria has judged 1000's of crews from Greece, India, Italy, Spain and the UK.
  • Rules and Regulations Two Day Workshop
     January 28, 2023 - January 29, 2023
     4:00 pm GMT - 9:00 pm GMT This includes everything.
  • Rules and Regulations Two Day Workshop Day 1
     September 16, 2023
     4:00 pm BST - 10:00 pm BST
  • Rules and Regulations Two Day Workshop Day 2
     September 17, 2023
     4:00 pm BST - 10:00 pm BST