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All Entries, including entries at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships, are counted toward Nation’s Best Dance School Results

Only Crews, MegaCrews, Popping, Locking and All-Styles can participate in Video Pre-selection (when available) Teams, Solos, 3×3 and 5×5 battles are not eligible for ANY video Pre-selection.


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This (the UK Hip Hop Dance Championship) was the start of 1 hell of a journey for us. Thanks for the history and the culture Omar Paloma

Isha Choreographer KnewWorld and BGT Finalist,Nemisis.

Do it! lol. It’s the best experience!

Tashan Muir

Director , Unity UK

I’m back home after another fantastic experience with Lil sugars – it was our 3rd time to attend Hip hop international, such a fantastic event the competition is such a high standard and to share the stage with the worlds finest , over 50 countries attended over 4000 plus dancers.

We didn’t beat our TDM personal best of 8th but achieved our highest result for Lil sugars , placing 15th out of over 50 teams , the teams are insane it’s such an inspiration to our dancers .

Thank you Omar Paloma for all your help and guidance the event is like the Olympics of dance – our dancers loved every second of being involved as part of team uk.

Terry Michael

Owner , TDM Stage School