Did you know that most dancers never discover what it truly takes to win? It’s not talent. Talent can be a factor but it’s not always the top reason.

In fact, the top reason many crews don’t win is that they suffer from Chained Competitor Syndrome.

What is Chained Competitor Syndrome?

Chained Competitor Syndrome or CCS for short, is a term i coined to describe the plateauing or stagnation of teams in dance competitions – but it can affect all performance categories including showcases.

The Effects of CCS

CCS often leads to

  • stagnation,
  • loss of motivation,
  • and boredom for the dancers
  • talented dancers start leaving to join other crews because they feel they aren’t making progress.

Photo by Arturo Añez
For the dancers who stay, they can feel a mix of emotions:

A sense of loss and betrayal may be felt as they watch people who helped build the crew drift away.
frustration, and even
anger towards those who have left or the leadership that allowed them to go.

I know. I experienced it myself. 🙁

While there are many possible solutions to breaking out of CCS, there is one solution that elegantly solves almost all the problems even if you don’t have a super-strong team.

Knowing what is expected of you to win.

While that seems obvious, it is typically the most overlooked solution.

Break free from CCS and get that winning edge.

Rules Regulations Course 2023 w maria Instagram Story

Introducing the Official Rules and Regulations Course by Hip Hop International.

The course is perfect for crewleaders, dancers, choreographers, and studio owners who want to see routines as a judge sees them.

With this knowledge, you can

  • Create better routines regardless of the category you enter or the strength of your crew.
  • You’ll discover tips and tricks to maximise your score or avoid penalties.
  • Plus, you’ll discover a little-known easy trick to make judges remember your crew.

The course works for non-competitive events including TV and Showcases. As it’s not just about the rules but what makes an exciting compelling routine.

In fact, many students have gone on to become National or International Judges.

Check out this video from Del Mak talk about how the rules can help you in all areas of your dance career.

The Official Rules and Regulations Course