Registration is now OPEN!

Hip Hop International UK is now OPEN for more than 9 different categories offering the following opportunities:

  • Get more Trophies and Awards from one of the most prestigious dance brands in the world (up to 5 places in each category)
  • Become a stronger school
  • Network with new people
  • Earn points for National Best Dance School Award (see the details here)
  • Gain more experience while getting ready to take on the world
  • Have a lot of fun at after parties, workshops, crazy dance battles and more

For more detail on categories click here

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What’s New?

We are looking for dancers of all ages and abilities to represent the UK. We have built the UK’s #1 platform and we are looking to create future champions. That’s why we are throwing the doors wide open for:

  • new_yellowbackround-e1422307819960 kids
  • new_yellowbackround-e1422307819960 u13s (Junior Crews)
  • new_yellowbackround-e1422307819960 u18s (Varsity Crews
  • new_yellowbackround-e1422307819960 Beginners
  • new_yellowbackround-e1422307819960 Intermediates
  • new_yellowbackround-e1422307819960 Unique groups with their own special flavour unFORMAT!
  • Official Rules and Regulations Workshop (learn the secrets of how to win.
  • Trios
  • Adult Crews
  • Individual dancers wanting to express themselves (Battles)
  • Anyone looking to learn new skills and improve their dancing and, of course.
  • Anyone looking to have a lot of fun.

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Nation’s Best Dance School Award:

We are very excited to continue the brand new UK Best Dance School Award, earned by the most active, and successful dance studio in Great Britain. Unlike ‘voting’  based awards The Nation’s Best Dance School is earned by scores for participation, e.g. for the number of people participating, competition results, etc.

We established this Award because very often just crew members and dancers are recognized or appreciated. The important people who helped the dancers to achieve success (dance teachers, choreographers, dance schools, dance companies) stay in the shadow. To prepare not just one, but several crews and/or battlers is a very hard work. We want to recognize those dance studios, dance teachers, dance companies, and choreographers who get great results.

For details on the Nation’s Best Dance School Award Click Here

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Awards and trophies up to the first 5 places in each Crew / Team / MegaCrew category.

Advanced Battlers/Teams will get £150 for 1st place and £50 for 2nd place per person. IMPORTANT: Cash prize is available only for World Championship Qualifying battle categories with 16 or more dancers/teams battling

All other battles/jam categories will be awarded our exclusive HHI Medals or plaques plus regional and national bragging rights.

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Please note: We reserve the right to combine or split divisions if needed

Choreographed Group Dances

  • unFORMAT – any style of dance: hip hop theater, ballet, jazz, contemporary, ethnic, etc.
  • Beginners Teams: from 5 – 14 participants
  • Intermediate Teams: 5 – 14 participants
  • Crews: 5-9 participants in the u13 (Junior), u18 Varsity) and 18+ (adult) categories
  • new_yellowbackround-e1422307819960 MiniCrews – TRIOS! – 3 dancers of any age
  • new_yellowbackround-e1422307819960 MegaCrews: from 10 – 40 participants
  • Premium Edition (adults and parents)

Battles, Solos, and Duos

  • All Styles 2×2
  • new_yellowbackround-e1422307819960 Whacking 1v1
  • Popping 1v1
  • Locking 1v1
  • Hip Hop 1v1
  • 5×5 Crew Battles
  • TRASH! 3×3 Battle

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Better Value Overall with All Inclusive Entry Fees

Now everything is included. It’s just one flat fee for participants (spectators, even cheaper). Easy, smooth and fulfilling! Enter as many categories and divisions as you want… no additional charge!!! (of course, if you just want to enter a single category that is possible)