Participate in the UK’s Best Street Dance Competition and MOVE IT!

Discover the Best Street Dance Competition and MOVE IT Experience

Are you passionate about street dance? Get ready to showcase your talent at the UK’s Best Street Dance Competition, coinciding with the celebrated MOVE IT event. This unique opportunity brings together HHI and Move It on the same exciting weekend. While juggling both might seem challenging, we have solutions tailored for both amateur and professional dancers. Embrace the chance to participate in the best street dance competition without missing out on the wonders of MOVE IT.

Evening Schedule at Move It: Your Ticket to Participate in Both

In a thoughtful move, Move It has shifted its event to the evening. This strategic timing ensures no clashes with daytime activities, offering you a seamless experience to engage in both events to the fullest.

Maximize Your Showcase at the Best Street Dance Competition

Move It prioritizes showcasing talent from HHI, allocating spots on a first-come-first-served basis. This arrangement simplifies your involvement in the UK’s best street dance competition and MOVE IT. Drawing insights from experienced crew leaders, we’ve identified effective strategies for dual participation. With distinct audiences at both events, using the same routine can be a smart move – 20,000 spectators at MoveIt and an intimate 400-seat setting at HHI. Plus, being among the first 200 HHI entrants grants you access to all public MoveIt events, enhancing your experience.

Innovative Solutions from Crew Leaders

Creative solutions are key to thriving in the best street dance competition and MOVE IT:

  1. Utilize HHI’s nighttime competition slots for dual event involvement.
  2. MegaCrews can creatively repurpose set pieces and costumes.
  3. Collaboration with MoveIt organizers and HHI coordinators fosters unique solutions, including potential showcase shifts to Sundays.
  4. Design distinct sets for each event to add variety.
  5. Leverage HHI’s technical and backstage support for a smooth performance.
  6. Coordinate rehearsals and competitions to avoid conflicts.
  7. Divide crews for performances at both HHI and Move It.

Embrace the Challenge and Triumph

Don’t let the simultaneous scheduling of HHI and Move It deter you. Instead, view it as an exciting challenge. With our support and the shared wisdom of seasoned crew leaders, you have the tools to excel in the best street dance competition and enjoy every moment of MOVE IT. Our goal is to facilitate your participation in both events, ensuring a memorable and fulfilling experience.

Exclusive Benefits for HHI Participants at MOVE IT

As a participant in HHI, you’re entitled to exclusive privileges at MOVE IT. The first 200 HHI participants will have complimentary access to MOVE IT’s daytime events. This is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of MOVE IT, while also competing in the UK’s best street dance competition.

Stay Ahead with Practical Tips and Support

We’re continuously amazed by the resourcefulness of dance crews who successfully manage dual participation. If you’re brainstorming strategies, consider these tips:

  • Plan your schedule carefully to maximize your presence at both events.
  • Seek advice from experienced crew leaders who have navigated this before.
  • Stay in close contact with event organizers for any updates or changes.
  • Embrace flexibility and creativity in your planning.

We’re Here to Help You Shine

Your journey to becoming a star at the UK’s best street dance competition and MOVE IT starts here. If you’re still facing challenges or need further guidance, our team is ready to assist. Together, we can ensure that your experience at both HHI and Move It is not just successful, but also incredibly rewarding.

Participation Categories: Find Your Place

Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or just starting out, the UK’s Best Street Dance Competition and MOVE IT offer a range of categories to suit every skill level and style:

  • Solo Dancers: Showcase individual talent and charisma.
  • Duos: Bring synergy and coordination to the stage.
  • Small Crews (5-9 members): Highlight teamwork and intricate choreography.
  • Large Crews (10-24 members): For those who love making a big impact.
  • MegaCrews (25+ members): The ultimate group experience.
  • Junior Division: Dedicated to younger dancers (under 16).
  • Adult Division: Open to dancers aged 16 and above.
  • Masters Division: For the seasoned veterans (40+ years).

No matter your age, skill level, or experience, there’s a category for you in the UK’s Best Street Dance Competition and MOVE IT. Join us and be part of a diverse community that celebrates every aspect of street dance. Get ready to compete, dazzle, and grow with us in this incredible dance journey!

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