Get ready for the biggest event in UK street dance, and we have a new location.

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After five years the UK Hip Hop Dance Championships, the UK’s Premier Street Dance Event, returns to London.

The event will take place in the Great Hall, Headstone Lane, Hatch End HA3 6NR.

This year marks the end of our 15 year anniversary. It was a record breaking year for the UK at the World Hip Hop Dance Championship. Every UK crew advanced to the semi-final. Once again, the UK have had a crew in the final with IMD Legacy just 3 places behind the likes of New Zealand’s The Royal Family. This prove that UK crews are, once again, on the rise.

Last year, the UK Hip Hop Dance Championships saw some exciting new crews including YCN, Taboo, and Shake, a crew from tiny Dorset completely shocking the adult division to take the bronze (this NEVER happens).

Pre-registration Pricing Discounts

The buzz about this event is high and we expect this event to sell out quickly so listen up as I explain the pre-registration process. You don’t need to pre-register but ONLY those who pre-register AND participate in our live online launch event on Sunday September 29 at 15:30, will have access to the very best prices. To pre-register visit our homepage,

This year pre-registration is simplified. Simply fill out the advance notification form. Nothing to pay until registration opens. Plus join us on Facebook September 29 at 1530 GMT for our live launch event.

During this event there will be info on:

  • giveaways,
  • free event passes,
  • coaching review sessions
  • merchandise and more.

PLUS those who pre-register will be able to take advantage of UNBELIEVABLE prices that will not be repeated, just for taking quick action.

Pre-registration is open for all categories:

  • MegaCrews of 10-40 dancers
  • Adult crew of 5-9 dancers 18 years or old
  • Varsity crews of 5-9 dancers 13-17 years old
  • Junior crews of 5-9 dancers 7-12 years old
  • *MiniCrews of 3 dancers, any mix of ages
  • *Whacking Battles
  • Popping Battles
  • Locking Battles
  • Parents Crews
  • Beginner Crews
  • unFORMAT

and much, much more, all available for one low price

The UK Hip Hop Crew Championships, presented by idance®. We will also be making an important announcement about our 2019 Gold medalist.

To make this event as informative as possible we are also asking you to give us some advice on what thing we should include. Please click here to tell us about any thing you’d like to have answered.

Event Summary

The UK Hip Hop Dance Championship National final is a multi-day, live event featuring the best and showcasing the most technical and impressive dancers from all areas of the United Kingdom, in a breathtaking and exciting face-off to see who will be national champions and have the honour of representing the United Kingdom at the World Hip Hop Championships in America under the unifying concept “ONE Country, ONE Team”